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piezoelectric materials

Huachen Cui Research Group

The RObot and MEdical Device
3D Printing Laboratory

3D printed micro-robot
Robotic metamaterial
Auxetic piezo lattice
Integrated piezo lattice
Flexible piezo metamaterial
Zirconia honeycomb
3D printed ultrasound transducer
Selective deposition
SiOC ceramic lattices

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About ROME3D

ROME3D is a research group led by Prof. Huachen Cui in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). We primarily focus on three aspects, including the development of advanced additive manufacturing (AM) techniques, the design and manufacturing of robots as well as the design and manufacturing of medical devices. We also investigate the design and AM of micro-architectures and metamaterials, the development of multi-functional materials as well as advanced packaging techniques.

Advanced AM Techniques

We are creating novel additive manufacturing techniques & synthesizing materials to fabricaite robots, medical devices and metamaterials.


We are designing and fabricaiting macro- and micro-scale robotic systems via AM techniques or hybrid manufacturing techniques.

Medical Devices

We are developing extracoporeal & implantable medial devices via additive manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing techniques.

We are born to create



Prestigious journal

(Science, Nature, etc.)


Journal articles in total




Conference papers and presentations

Journal & Conference Articles

  • H. Lu, H. Cui (contributed equally), et. al., “3D Printing and processing of miniaturized transducers with near-pristine piezoelectric ceramics for localized cavitation”, Nature Communications, 2023

  • M. Cang, L. Zhang, Y. Wang, et al., "An efficient method for design of lattice core sandwich structures with superior buckling strength", Engineering Optimization, 2023

  • H. Cui, et. al., "Design and printing of proprioceptive three-dimensional architected robotic metamaterials", Science, 2022 (Featured and reported by Los Angeles Times, Yahoo! News, Science Daily, EurekAlert!, etc)

  • P. P. Indurkar, A. Shaikeea, Z. Xu, H. Cui, X. Zheng, V. Deshpande, "The coupled strength and toughness of interconnected and interpenetrating multi-material gyroids", MRS Bulletin, 2022

  • H. A. Rauch, H. Cui, et. al., "Additive manufacturing of yttrium-stabilized tetragonal zirconia: Progressive wall collapse, martensitic transformation, and energy dissipation in micro-honeycombs", Additive Manufacturing, 2022

  • A. Shaikeea, H. Cui (contributed equally), M. O’Masta, X. Zheng, V. Deshpande, "The toughness of mechanical metamaterials", Nature Materials, 2022

  • H. Zhi, et. al., "A Passive Non-Interference Scheme for Synchronously Measuring Multiple Parameters With Single Sensing Unit", IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2022

  • Tian Ji, Die Chen, et. al., "Experimental study on detonation propagation characteristics of hydrogen-nitrous oxide at stoichiometric and fuel-lean conditions", Int. J. Hydrog. Energy, 2022

  • N. Gerad, M. Oudich, Z. Xu, D. Yao, H. Cui, et. al., "Three-dimensional trampoline-like behavior in an ultralight elastic metamaterial", Physical Review Applied, 2021

  • Z. Xu, R. Hensleigh, N. Gerad, H. Cui, et. al., "Vat photopolymerization of fly-like, complex micro-architectures with dissolvable supports", Additive Manufacturing, 2021

  • Die Chen, Tian Ji, et. al., "Detonation behaviors of stoichiometric hydrogen-oxygen mixture in annular tubes with circular obstacles", Fuel, 2021

  • C. Wang, W. Ping, Q. Bai, H. Cui, R. Hensleigh (contributed equally), et. al., “A general method to synthesize and sinter bulk ceramics in seconds”, Science, 2020 (Featured on front cover, reported by c&en, Nanotechnology Now, Yahoo! News, Science Daily, etc)

  • R. Hensleigh, H. Cui (contributed equally), et. al., "Charge-programmed three-dimensional printing for multi-material electronic devices", Nature Electronics, 2020 (Reported by c&en, Tech Xplore, 3D printing industry, etc)

  • W. Cheng, J. Liu, Z. Zheng, X. He, B. Zheng, H. Zhang, H. Cui, X. Zheng, T. Zheng, B. E. Gnade, J. Cheng, “Adaptive optical beam steering and tuning system based on electrowetting driven fluidic rotor”, Communications PHYSICS, 2020

  • H. Cui, R. Hensleigh, D. Yao, D. Maurya, P. Kumar, M. G. Kang, S. Priya, X. Zheng, "Three-dimensional printing of piezoelectric materials with designed anisotropy and directional response", Nature Materials, 2019 (Featured on VT News, reported by Science Daily, Eurek Alert!, Materials Today, Phys. Org, UVEB Technology, etc)

  • D. Yao, H. Cui, R. Hensleigh, et. al., "Achieving the upper bound of piezoelectric response in tunable, wearable 3D printed nanocomposites", Advanced Functional Materials, 2019 (Featured on front cover)

  • N. Gerad, H. Cui, C. Shen, Y. Xie, S. Cummer, X. Zheng, Y. Jing, "Fabrication and experimental demonstration of a hybrid resonant acoustic gradient index metasurface at 40 kHz", Applied Physics Letters, 2019

  • H. Cui, R. Hensleigh, H. Chen, X. Zheng, "Additive Manufacturing and size-dependent mechanical properties of three-dimensional micro-architected, high-temperature ceramic metamaterials", Journal of Materials Research, 2018 (Selected as 2018 Journal of Materials Research Paper of the Year Award, Materials Research Society, reported by Eurek Alert!, SCIENMAG, etc )

  • R. Hensleigh, H. Cui, et. al, "Additive manufacturing of complex micro-architected graphene aerogels", Materials Horizons, 2018 (Featured on front cover, VT news, reported on SCI NEWS, 3D PRINTING INDUSTRY, etc)

  • X. Zheng, W. Smith, J. Jackson, B. Moran, H. Cui, D. Chen, N. Fang, J. Ye, T. Weisgrabber, C. Spadaccini, "Multi-scale Metallic Metamaterials", Nature Materials, 2016 (Featured on front cover, VT News, reported by, Science Daily, Nanowerk, Materials Today, etc)

  • X. Zheng, H. Cui, R. Hensleigh, "Three-dimensional piezoelectric materials and uses thereof”, US2021234089A1, Jul 29, 2021


  • X. Zheng, H. Cui, R. Hensleigh, "Three-dimensional piezoelectric materials and uses thereof”, US2021234089A1, Jul 29, 2021

News & Events

New Publication

Dr. Huachen Cui published his latest research work on Nature Communications.

April. 2023

Lab News

We have joined the Advanced Additive Manufacturing Lab.

Jan. 2023

Lab News

We have joined the Guangzhou Municipal Key Laboratory of Materials Informatics.

May. 2023

Lab News

Chenyi Yang'an joined our group as a new Ph.D. student.

Jan. 2023

Lab News

We have joined the Center for Heterogeneous Intergration of micro-systems and Packaging.

Jun. 2023

Lab News

Mingpei Cang joined our lab as a new Ph.D. student.

Nov. 2022



Huachen Cui, Ph.D.

Principle Investigator

Assistant Professor at HKUST (Guangzhou)

Affiliated Assistant Professor at HKUST (Clear Water Bay)

HKUST(GZ) Faculty Profile

Google Scholar

Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 2020

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Shandong University, 2016

Email: hccui [at]


Creation. Passion. Profession

Our team consists of talents with diverse backgrounds, including mechanics, chemistry, control, materials science, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. We work on interdisciplinary projects closely.


1 / High-resolution large-area projection micro-stereolithography system

We are developing a high-resolution large-area projection micro-stereolithography system and will achieve a resolution up to 2 micron while keeping the printing area larger than 10mm.

2 / Multi-material projection micro-stereolithography system

We are developing a multi-material projection micro-stereolithography system to fabricte multi-functional metamaterials and achieve the one-step fabricaiton of logic circuits.

3 / Underwater robot

We are developing an underwater robot without propeller.

4 / Micro-architected high-temperature ceramics

We are designing and fabricating high-temperature ceramics with rationally designed micro-architectures and mechanical properties. The spring works up to 1000℃ without signaficant change on performances.

5 / In-situ monitoring of projection stereolithography systems

We are developing a new low-cost technique to achieve in-situ monitoring of the printing quality in projection stereolithography systems.

6 / Additive manufactured artificial cilia

We are designing and fabricating an artificial cilia system for small item transmissions.


We are currently recruiting Ph.D. students from mechanical engineering, chemicstry, mechanics, control, manufacturing and so on. Please send your CV and transcripts to the email below if you are interested.

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